Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a pig to be picked up?

It is very important that you call first when ordering a roaster pig. This allows us to check our inventory to get the size that best fits your needs.

How far in advance do we need to order?

Please order at least 2 weeks in advance of pick up. The earlier you place your order, the better the chance of us having the exact size you need and getting it to you. We will always do our best to get a pig ready for you any time you call us.

How big of a pig should I order?

When ordering a suckling pig, figure on 1.5 lbs of pork per person. If you have 8 guests, then you will need at least a 12 lb pig. When ordering a larger roasting pig, you will need to figure 1 lb per person. If you have 50 guests then order a 50lb pig. These formulas will be influenced by the actual menu and guests you are having.

How long are the pigs?

10-24 lbs 23-30 inches

25-40 lbs 30-36 inches

41-60 lbs 36-44 inches

61-85 lbs 44-48 inches

How long does it take to cook a Roaster?

Cooking time varies on weight and method of cooking. Cook the pig at low temperature (200-250 degrees) for a long period of time (5-15 hours). Most importantly, make sure the entire body of the pig reaches at least 185 degrees internal temperature. The hams and shoulders will be the last portions to completely cook.

Where are we located?

Our store is located at The Meat Shop 202 E Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004

What do we feed our pigs?

The pigs are fed milk and grain to ensure premium meat grade. They are raised in sanitary enviroments, and slaughtered and packaged in USDA inspected processing plants.

What size will fit in my oven?

A standard kitchen oven is 24 inches wide. A pig 20 lbs or less may be cooked in a standard oven, however, you may need to position it in a certain way. We recommend moving the hind legs forward and tying them to the front legs. When done tightly, this causes the rear end of the pig to tuck under, thus shortening its length. You may also remove the head and cook separately, then serve together with greenery as garnish.

Do we sell cooked pigs?

Currently our pigs are prepped and ready to cook, but they are completely raw. To have a pig cooked it would be best to find one of your local caterers, BBQ masters, or get the whole family to join in on the fun.   

How are the pigs prepped?

The hair and vitals are removed, and the legs are tied tight to the body. they are trimmed according to the USDA standards, stamped with a seal of approval, and sealed inside of a plastic bag marked with its weight.

Where can I rent the equipment to roast a hog,lamb,goat or other meat?

A quick search on the web will grant you a bevy of listings in your area of rental equipment. Also facebook may have local grillers ready to cater your party.

Cooking Methods

Convection Oven

Use Roasters no larger than 30 lbs. Place in oven on foil sheet or large flat serving pan @ 275 degrees for  at least 4 hours. when the hams and shoulders hit 170 degrees on your meat thermometer  the roaster is ready to shred.


Smokers can be rented and/or purchased in store or online. To be used for over 30 pound hogs but not more than the 90 pound range. Smoke for 12-15 hours or until the Roaster reaches 170 degrees.

La Caja China Box

La Caja China's are a aboveground box that can be used for roasters up to 100 lbs. @ the surprisingly fast rate of 6 hours cook time. The exception is that the roaster will need to be butterflied so that the heat can be distributed evenly. 


Spits are to be used above an open flame. Simply Purchase, rent, or make one yourself. Some Spit Roasters come as a half box with a rotesserie that is either hand operated or can be operated with an electrical motor. Also as a side not, this roasting method requires lots and lots of basting and turning so come prepared.

Aboveground Pit Roast

Aboveground pits are typically made with bricks and can be time cosuming to build. Pick a spot in your backyard where you will want to leave this structure up to be used again, or that you dont mind being used for a length of time for roasting. Once you have made your aboveground pit, (you will need to find instructions on all of this) gather the proper materials to be used to roast the roaster as well as of course the roaster itself. This method is possibly the most labor intensive because of the simple fact you will need to build an engineering marvel but will quite possibly be the most rewarding.

Underground Pit Roast

Underground Pit Roasts can be very simple consisting of just digging a pit wrapping the roaster in a sack that will withstand the heat and lining the bottom with coals and covering the roaster with coals and burying the roaster in the ground, to the traditional and elaborate Kalau methods. This one vies for the top spot of insane difficulty. Just kidding. Its only hard when you aren't enjoying what you are doing. Have fun and remember if it doesn't quite go how you wanted try try again.